DONNA AIR APPRECIATION SOCIETY Vol 2 is my Latest Reprise for "Geordie" "Airhead" English Child Actress and TV Presenter as was, Donna Air. Not everyones First Choice, seems to go under a lot of Radars but there you are. Donna has always been a Favourite of mine. The Geordie with the Model Figure, Legs to Her Neck, Great Ass, Blonde with Great Natural Tits. What's not to like? So here she is again, the Pride of Newcastle, a MILF and far more a "Socialite" Babe these days, getting Fucked by Guys with plenty of Money. Been associated with Pippa Middleton's Brother. Not a common known face, for all of Donna's "Airhead" Nickname She is in Fact a Millionairess. Forgetting your name on Live TV didn't do Her short lived career a lot of good? Anyway, give Her another go, please leave Votes for Her and Comments please. Cheers MS.