Heather Locklear Makes Her "Reprise" but brings with Her, Her Sexy very much Growing Up Nicely - Ava Sambora. Both Blondes that cant be a bad start?. In my view, Heather Locklear is the Archetypal "All-American" Babe. Blonde, Beautiful, Body to Kill for in Her Prime, Married the wrong Guy by a Million Miles, did some Great Stuff, I still think Spin City is one of the Best American Sit Coms with Michael J of all time. As Funny as Fuck! She was Brilliant with Michael J, in the Series She has a Superb Figure and Legs to Her neck in those days.....WAW! She Doubled the viewing figures alone. But then the Barren Spell..The Shite Marriage led to Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Mental Health Issues 25 Times in and out of Rehabs!! Attacking Members of Her own Family - the Works! Fucking Disaster for such a Gorgeous Woman who Helped Michael J enormously when he developed Parkinsons. When you look at their repartee in Spin City you would never have ever guessed how both their lives would go through the floor!! But it did! Heather was a real Stunner and has a Gorgeous Daughter through Her Fatefull Marriage, that is my Tribute Album Theme so Come on in and enjoy! Heather and Her Very Sexy Daughter. Please Leave some Comments and Votes. Cheers Major.