Jessica Barden Fakes (Hanna/Tamara Drewe)

I just discovered Jessica Barden the other day when the movie Hanna was on IFC. I loved her immediately. This kind of "cute" looking girl is my favorite. It's high time we get a thread going for her.

Super fox, and she's 20 so fake away! She is over 18 in most of these pics.

Here is some info from Wikipedia:

Jessica Barden (born 21 July 1992) is an English actress who was a regular cast member on Coronation Street.

Jessica appeared in the film Tamara Drewe, a dramatization of the comic strip of the same name, directed by Stephen Frears. She played the role of Sophie in Joe Wright's film Hanna. Her most recent film projects are In the Dark Half and the 2012 urban horror flick Comedown. She is presently filming an American independent movie Lullaby in New York.

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