DAME JOAN HENRIETTA COLLINS Makes for me Her Final Tribute Album, being in my view in Her Career One the Most Beautiful, Sexy, Shapely British Actresses ever? If you aint a Joan Fan you need to take a few minutes. Joan is now an Astonishing 89years Old having started Her Career in 1951 at the ripe Old Age of 17years in "Lady Godiva Rides Again" I would think there were plenty of Takers to ride Her Bareback at 17 for sure!! Born in Paddington, London. Had plenty of Marriages, three Children. And a whole Army of Guys who did their Best for Her. That is For Sure!!! Done a stack of Films! Most of which in my view like many Actors/Actresses are an Absolute Pile of Shite, for me Bitch and Stud were Fucking Embarrassing Rubbish! but there, there were few Better "Eye Candy" than JC Growing up? JC Landed on Her Feet in the States as "Alexis Colby" in the Universal Soap Opera "Dynasty" for me She stole the Show and made Her Multi-Million Pension for Life! JC had no Plastic Tits and not Shy to get the Fuckers out for the Boys!, always been a Brunette. A Superbly Attractive Face She was for me, Beautiful in the Extreme, Gorgeous, Sexy Eyes, Smile to match. Gorgeous, Sexy, Cute and Coy, a Million Faces all Alluring Just Plain Shagable!! If JC Smiled at you that was you Fucked! Body to Die for, Leggy, Sexy the Perfect Shag? Fit I Bet She Fucked All Night! Still Very Glam and Attractive and not Shy to Show Her Cleavage well into Her 70's, there has only and probably will only be One JC! So here is my Tribute to this thoroughly British Beauty and quite Superb Wanktarget Fantasy Fuck! Please Leave some Comments and some Votes!! Cheers MS.