Lorraine the Venezuelan dancer slave

Admire Lorraine, a beautiful, experienced dancer from Venezuela. Having moved to America some years ago, she trained women in the arts of dancing and helped them build desirable bodies. Little did she know, as a slave she would be of high value for both her enticing appearance and her skills. She was recently captured in Miami, according to the new policy on slavery. Now she is just a slave to be bought and put to use. Owners must beware, however. As much as a breathtakingly attractive, skilled dancer she is, she hasn't been trained to be obedient. She needs to be taught to put all her needs and wants behind her and replace them with her masters' desires. The first to buy her must expect a feisty, unbroken slave. Still, it is well known that some have tastes for such acquisitions, and enjoy the process of breaking and training, while they are bored by already subservient slaves. Surprisingly, despite her confidence in presenting her appealing body in sexy clothing in her life as a free woman, she is religiously devout and has had few encounters with men, and is yet to use some parts of her body for a man's pleasure. Again here there is a split between masters, as some prefer innocence and reluctance and others skill and initiative.