Taylor Momsen is up on stage once more, Raising Temperatures and Zipstrains No Doubt! Taylor is 28yrs and Hails from that Famous City of St. Louise, Missouri, USA. Taylor is a very Talented young Lady having already been an Actress (Retired) Model now Singer, Songwriter. It would be Fair to say Taylor doesn't really Suffer from "Shyness" after all She is "The Pretty Reckless" one? Those Long, Lean Legs and that Sweet, Tight Ass make Her a very Appealing watch, whilst under all the Makeup and Glitz is a very Attractive Young woman. Well Cum on in, Get your Box of Tissues out and Enjoy. Personally, i think Taylor is Fucking Sex on Legs!! Have a Good one. Usual Routine tr to leave some Comments Good or Bad, Pop a Few Votes not to mention the other Stuff....Cheers MS.